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To determine your geographical location, you must follow the following steps:

1 – Make sure that you have internet, via Wi-Fi, or phone data.

2 – Open the Maps app on your iOS or Android device, update the app to its latest version if required.

3- After opening the Google Maps application, click on the Explore icon in the bar at the bottom of the application, and wait for your location to be recognized.

4- A blue point will appear on the map representing your current location. Click on this point. A blue list will appear with some options, including sharing your geographical location.

5- Select “Share Location” from the menu that appears. If this is the first time you’ve used Maps for this purpose, your phone may prompt you to authorize the app to access your contacts before proceeding.

Allow access to contacts to continue.

6- Many sending options will appear in front of you, such as Gmail, Messenger, text messages, WhatsApp, close sharing, Instagram, Linkedin, and via Bluetooth, and copy the link to send it as you wish.

7- Click on the “Send by WhatsApp” option and select the number 0915553434 you want to send your location to.

Contact us via the number 0915553434, and we will send a video explaining how to locate and share the site.

The Internet speed is measured on the computer by means of Internet browsers and through specialized sites that provide such services, , and perhaps the most famous of them is the one offered by the American company “Ookla” through its famous website speedtest.net, which provides this service on a global scale in cooperation with service providers. Internet services.

This site can be accessed through all known Internet browsers such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox and Opera. The most important feature of this site is that it provides detailed data for download speed and data upload as well.

The real Internet speed can be measured on the computer through another site, which is Fast.com, and there are many similar sites.

As for smartphones, you can download internet speed measurement programs, and the best of them is Speedtest provided by Ookla.


When measuring the speed of the Internet, you must make sure that there are no other devices on the network that are downloading or using the Internet to obtain correct results and readings.

You can contact technical support through the following numbers: 0910001134 0910001135 0910001137




When the router’s ID is changed to another name, this means that the router will be returned to the default settings. This problem is solved in two ways:

1 – Bring the router to the company’s headquarters.

2- Coordination with customer service or technical support to book an appointment with a specialized engineer, who in turn solves the problem from your home.

We have two types of equipment

  • the first type is for Ubiquity :
  • Connect the antenna cable (Antenna) to the POE port located inside the converter.
  • Connect the Internet cable to the LAN port of the adapter, and then connect the cable from the other end to the router to the WAN port.
  • Plug the power cord into the adapter’s power outlet.
  • Plug the other end of the power cord into a power outlet.

  • The second type is for Mimosa :
  • Connect the antenna cable (Antenna) to the Data & Power port located inside the adapter.
  • Connect the internet cable to the data port of the adapter and then connect the cable from the other end to the router to the WAN port.
  • Plug the adapter into an electrical outlet.
  1. For a network connection : Check the internet connection (either from a phone or a computer)
  2. Accessing the browser: Use an internet browser such as Google Chrome or Firefox to access the router settings by opening the browser and entering the user’s IP address, which is often or 192.168.0 .1 or
  3. Log into the router settings : Enter the default user name (admin) and the default password (admin or admin123 or ADMIN) in the welcome window that appears.
  4. Wireless network settings : Click on the Wireless Settings after the successful login, then enter the new Password or new Passphrase
  5. Save settings: clickon Save Settings.

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